Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Couple of Cool Pics...

from our nature walk during our vacation last week. We have a family camp down state Maine that we visit one week a year. It's our little piece of Heaven.

This is Mr. Fox, the dog from up the camp road....DOG???

And here is my little Ghost Baby. Don't know how this one came out, but I think it's cool.

No stitching done lately. During our vacation, my oldest daughter had fun on the beach, in the water, walking in the woods with her Auntie and cousins, while I spent most of the time inside with my youngest who just so happens was going through her 6 week growth spurt. Oh, well... I have another vacation coming up in August. We will be going to Prince Edward Island, we have a little camp up there. I'm sure I'll get some sun then.
Hoping to get a little stitching done tonight.
Happy Stitching,


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