Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanksgiveaway!!! It's My Turn!!!

Hello, fellow bloggers. I have been blogging for almost a year now and have had a wonderful time getting to know you all, through your blogs. I have enjoyed the many comments that you all have left and have felt lucky to have found so many people who enjoy the craft as much as I do. I have had a very busy couple of years with my small children and have not had a lot of time to stitch as much as I would like, but I know as time goes on I will stitch more and more. I have been the lucky winner of a few giveaways and now it is my turn

I have thus decided that I will host my own THANKSGIVEAWAY, to thank you all for stopping by my little part of blogland. This giveaway will be a surprise and will contain some stitchy related things from my stash, as of course I will not be able to use all of it.

This will be a giveaway with 2 separate prizes. I will have a drawing for those who are already followers and a drawing for any new people who become followers after this post.

I am not only looking for new followers here, I just know that sometimes I happen on new blogs myself through giveaways, and I thought this might be fun.

Rules are:
You must comment on this post only, for a chance to win.
You may post on your blog if you wish, but it is not a requirement for this giveaway.
Please remind me if you are a current follower or a new follower, this will help me out a bit.
I will be drawing 2 winners on Thanksgiving Day!!! Remember to please include your e-mail address if it is not accessable in your blogger profile.

Again, thank you all for stopping by. I'm glad I could share a little bit of my crafts and life with you.


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