Friday, August 27, 2010

Finished Organizing

Here are my boxes all organized, finally. Finished it during nap time. I did have 4 full boxes but added 1 and half with the threads that I wound up yesterday. I found many in a lot of UFO projects. I do have many duplicates, but I used the DMC checklist and found that I am missing 20 thread colors. Not that I need them for anything right now, but I might as well just go purchase them and have the whole set. I don't own many specialty threads. I would love to have them all, but who can really afford that. I will just purchase them, (Sparingly) as needed.
Well, off to supper and bathe the kids. Hopefully they will get to bed early, so I can have some stitching time.
Happy Stitching,

Organizing Continues...

So far I have turned this...

into this.

Next, it is time to place these into boxes. Stay tuned.


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