Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Organizing and a Finish

My fifth Little House Needleworks ornament "Snowy Pines" is stitched!!! I really liked this one. I think is was how quick it stitched up for me. I also found one packet of beads that I own that work in these ornaments, the crystal ones. I know I have more beads, I just don't know where I put them....Aghh!!! I made the house a little darker blue to better match the color of my MIL's house, and used the lighter blue for the border.

My next project is to organize all this floss that has just been sitting here in this tote. I need to put them all on floss cards and fill another box with them. I have 4 boxes and will add one more. They are all DMC with just a couple of specialty flosses. I do have many duplicates. If I'd have been organized in the first place, I wouldn't have purchased so many doubles.

Off to twirl some thread....
Happy Stitching,


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