Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Great Day

This is how my morning started....Pilsbury and a coffee. Yum. I usually don't go for sweets in the morning, but it was just so easy.
This afternoon, the postman brought me not one, not two, but three parcels. Can you just imagine my excitement!!!
First up, my purchase from Victorian Sampler Motto. 4 yummy autumn hand dyed cottons. 20 yards each!!! You have to try these.

My win from Jennifer from Confessions a Serial Starter. She purchased two of these charts and I won one!!! Lucky me!!! It is charted for one color of your choice, but Jennifer has found one with several colors that gives me some inspiration.
Thank you so much Jennifer, this is one that I will stitch. I love it, and the floss is to dye for. HEE HEE.

I received my order from ABC Stitch. I won a $100 gift certificate from Natalie from A Stitch in Time. I am so excited, I am still waiting on a couple of threads and a chart, but this is just amazing. Thank you so much Natalie. I picked up this cute chart of birds that I decided to brighten up a bit. I will use this turquoise fabric and brighten up the threads for the birds. I just thought these little birds were so interesting. The threads are over-dyeds from Carries Creations. I hadn't tried her threads yet, and they were very economical.
Well, as you can see I had a wonderful afternoon, fondling my new stash, the only problem is I just don't have any time to put needle to thread until after this semester ends.
Soon, very soon....
Thanks for stopping by,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FCJC~A Challenge!!!!

Well, I'm on board with Jayne and decided to join her little (or big) SAL for the new year...

This seems a little more doable than that other Challenge out in blogland that asks you to pick 15 new projects and start them in January to try to finish for the year. I do that anyway with out it being a challenge.
Don't know if I'll finish 15 next year, but I am willing to give this one a try.
No stitching to show, far too busy to stitch. I will have to wait for the new year to pick up a needle again.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, November 26, 2010

And The Winners Are!!!!

I'm sorry, I am a day late with the announcement... My daughter was playing with her Mrs. Potato Head, so we decided to include her in the draw. The original Thanksgiveaway was one prize for one old follower, and another prize for a new follower. During that time I reached my 100th follower mark and decided to pick another name from all the comments.

So, without further ado..... The first prize goes to......


AVERY CLAIRE!!!!!............

The 100th follower prize goes to..........................

VALERIE of Shenandoah Sampler!!!!!!..................

And, the New Follower prize goes to.........................


SHARON of Seaside Stitches!!!!

Congratulations to the winners. I wish everyone could win. This was fun, I can't wait to have more giveaways.
Please, girls contact me with your snail mails, I'll try to ship as soon as possible. The Christmas season is the worst shipping time ever.

Thanks for playing, and
Happy Stitching,

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just About Two More Days

to enter the THANKSGIVEAWAY!! Please post your comments before midnight, Wednesday on the Thanksgiveaway post.

Hope everyone has a great Holiday!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Won!!!

I won the First Runner Up Prize on Dixie Samplar Designs Blog!!! If this was the first runner up prize, I can't imagine what the Grand Prize winner won. This was just too generous. The small box was so heavy when I picked it up, and to my surprise there was a horde of amazing items inside. First of all I just have to thank Terri so much, I don't think I deserve even half of it. There are some great fabrics and some yummy threads, a pile of fantastic charts. I can see myself stitching most of them. A cute little handmade fall ornament or scissor fob. (It is already on my scissors), some Halloween goodies, Candy that is already in my tummy (never made it to the picture), and other little items.
Thanks to Terri again,
Please sign up for my Thanksgiveaway if you already haven't, it will be my turn soon to make someone's day.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Big 100

Well would you look at that. 100 hundred followers. I guess I'll have to pull another name out of the hat for a third prize. Please comment on the previous post to sign up for the THANKSGIVEAWAY!!

I've been real busy with school these past couple of weeks, I've forgotten how stressful it can be. At least I will be all done this semester. I've been trying to crochet a few Christmas presents, but I haven't finished anything yet. I am getting real close though. I will post pick in the next couple of days. Cross stitch has been put on the back burner for now, but I did pick up another Prairie Schooler Bird last night and put a few stitches in. Not enough to share.

Here is a pic from Halloween. This was the best pic I could get that the girls were both in the shot. Big sister cannot sit still for a camera at all. She's just too busy. Oh, well

Have a great day,

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thanksgiveaway!!! It's My Turn!!!

Hello, fellow bloggers. I have been blogging for almost a year now and have had a wonderful time getting to know you all, through your blogs. I have enjoyed the many comments that you all have left and have felt lucky to have found so many people who enjoy the craft as much as I do. I have had a very busy couple of years with my small children and have not had a lot of time to stitch as much as I would like, but I know as time goes on I will stitch more and more. I have been the lucky winner of a few giveaways and now it is my turn

I have thus decided that I will host my own THANKSGIVEAWAY, to thank you all for stopping by my little part of blogland. This giveaway will be a surprise and will contain some stitchy related things from my stash, as of course I will not be able to use all of it.

This will be a giveaway with 2 separate prizes. I will have a drawing for those who are already followers and a drawing for any new people who become followers after this post.

I am not only looking for new followers here, I just know that sometimes I happen on new blogs myself through giveaways, and I thought this might be fun.

Rules are:
You must comment on this post only, for a chance to win.
You may post on your blog if you wish, but it is not a requirement for this giveaway.
Please remind me if you are a current follower or a new follower, this will help me out a bit.
I will be drawing 2 winners on Thanksgiving Day!!! Remember to please include your e-mail address if it is not accessable in your blogger profile.

Again, thank you all for stopping by. I'm glad I could share a little bit of my crafts and life with you.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Been Hooking

I've put cross stitching on the back burner for a few days and crocheted up these little hats. I do love crochet, and it seems I reserve it for the warmer months. The white one is for baby sister, although it is a little big, and the blue one is for big sister, although it is a little small. Go figure. I'll get it right sometime. I have started a few more, and I am pulling out a few that I started last year that need embellishments. I would like to get a few pics of the girls in them to show everyone.
I have another training tomorrow that will last the whole day. It will be nice to sit down tomorrow night and relax with a needle or hook.
Have a great day,

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sew Winter Progress

Just a quick update on I Stitch, Sew Winter. There is a spot smack dab in the middle of the piece, which I thought was just lint, but I think it is a pen mark. I will have to hope some stitching will cover it up, or else I will have to just put some stitches there. We'll see how that works out. I won't be stitching tonight, it will be studying time.
Hope everyone has had a wonderful fall day.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I Should Be Doing Homework

Here is my start on I Stitch's, Sew Winter. I was going to do this one over one, but the white got lost in the light blue. I think if the blue was a little darker, it might have shown up better. I just love Carol's little samplers. I will have to purchase more. I started thinking that i have no rhyme or reasoning to the type of stitching I chose. I just love everything. I can't seem to make up my mind on what kind I like. Nature, fantasy, holiday, sampler, quaker, primitive, cutesy, smalls... I might just have to narrow down and find my favorite and stick with it. Does anyone else have this problem, or do you have your own favorite genre of cross stitch and stick with it?

Here is an update on the fabric I bought on Ebay that smelled of smoke. It was very simple really. I just left them outside for a full day on a not so sunny day, and viola...the smell is gone. I was just that easy. I wasn't expecting that. All of these pieces are larger than 12"x12" and I got it all for only $12.00 plus $3.00 for shipping. It was a deal considering the smell.
Well, I'm off to have dinner with the family. I made Gumbo tonight. Yum.
Good Evening,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Small Finish

I have a finish from Prairie Birds from Prairie Schooler. I have started on another one, but I used the wrong green, so I will be frogging a bit. Hopefully I'll have that one done soon. I have so many ornaments stitched up this year, but not one fully finished. I know I'll be scrambling come December. I would like to do all twelve of these for gifts this year, but that's stretching it.
I think I have starteritis because I also started Sew Winter from Carol from I Stitch. I couldn't resist this one. I really wanted to do some fall stitching, but I can't seem to get away from Christmas ones. It's okay though, I love all Holiday stitching.
Hopefully I'll get a little more stitching in tonight.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Help~I Need Some Tips

I just received a package in the mail. Linen I bought on Ebay. They were not new, I knew this, however, they smell like cigarette smoke. And I don't mean just a little like smoke, it smells like the postman blew smoke all over them 20 minutes ago. All I can say is YUCK!!!!

How can I get the smell out? Hand wash? Should I surge the edges first? Does anyone have any ideas about what type of soap to use? Any tips would be helpful. Most of the pieces are nice and they are quite large. I would hate to get rid of them. I don't want the hassle of sending them back to the seller. I didn't spend that much.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Merry Skater Finished

She's done...all but the beads, as most of the other ornaments are. I loved this ornament too. She worked up so quickly and I thought the fabric was perfect. I used my Spinach and Bing Cherry Crescent Colors, from the previous ornaments, again in this chart. I'll keep using them for this series as long as I don't run out. I have started on Prairie Birds, Prairie Schooler Ornaments, too. I just can't help it. I love to start new projects.
Well, off to cook supper and to do a little homework. I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday.
Happy stitching,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Merry Skater

Here is my start on Little House Needleworks Merry Skater. I am using an opalescent Lugana that I never thought I would use and I think it's perfect for this. She is coming along quickly, and I might get her done this weekend, if I'm not studying, which is what I really should be doing. This ornament will be going to my Niece, who is an extraordinary figure skater. I saw the companion piece in the JCS Ornament issue, I might just do him too for my other niece. Maybe I'll turn him into a girl...

I have also been working on Margaret Harris, but it's slow going. I will get a pic of that soon. I am also eyeing Prairie Birds Ornaments from Prairie Schooler. I might just have to start something else.

Off to give the kids a bath. I can't wait till they can bathe together, just to eliminate a step.

Have a great night,


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blackbird Designs

So, Friday I was wishing for some Fall type stitching, and I did get a couple good suggestions. However, yesterday I received in the mail some charts that I won on Ebay that I totally forgot about. Don't you just love surprises. Well, I think that this will satisfy my stitching itch.

I have no idea when I will be able to start on any of these. It is homework day for me. Back to school for one week and the homework seems just a little bit too much for me. I'll definitely need to get into a good routine in order to get things done. It's all a little bit daunting since I haven't be to school full time in over 12 years. AGHHHH!! Wish me luck.

Have a great day,


Friday, September 3, 2010

New Look, New Schedule

Well, I've changed the look of my blog today, although it has been Sunny and in the mid 90's all week. We're getting a break from all of that, from today on out. It's been raining all night and I'm sure we'll get a little wind and more rain from Earl. I just love the colors of Fall. It is my favorite season. I've been itching to do a little Harvest stitching. Something small that I might actually finish this year.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a cute little Fall Design that I could find and stitch?
I just got my new LHN ornie in the mail yesterday from 123 Stitch, Merry Skater. I will be doing this one for my Niece, she is a fantastic figure skater. I started a little on her last night, and plan on doing a bit more today if I get the chance to do any stitching.
I just registered for Fall classes at the college. I might actually graduate this winter, if not then, next spring. I have to finish a Practicum and it all depends on that. Needless to say, I am going to be very busy with 2 little girls, 1 on site class, 1 on-line class and 135 hours of field work to accomplish this semester. Don't know if there will be enough time for stitching. I'll work some in, I'm sure.

I'll try to post my small start on Merry Skater later.

Happy Stitching,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Finished Organizing

Here are my boxes all organized, finally. Finished it during nap time. I did have 4 full boxes but added 1 and half with the threads that I wound up yesterday. I found many in a lot of UFO projects. I do have many duplicates, but I used the DMC checklist and found that I am missing 20 thread colors. Not that I need them for anything right now, but I might as well just go purchase them and have the whole set. I don't own many specialty threads. I would love to have them all, but who can really afford that. I will just purchase them, (Sparingly) as needed.
Well, off to supper and bathe the kids. Hopefully they will get to bed early, so I can have some stitching time.
Happy Stitching,

Organizing Continues...

So far I have turned this...

into this.

Next, it is time to place these into boxes. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Organizing and a Finish

My fifth Little House Needleworks ornament "Snowy Pines" is stitched!!! I really liked this one. I think is was how quick it stitched up for me. I also found one packet of beads that I own that work in these ornaments, the crystal ones. I know I have more beads, I just don't know where I put them....Aghh!!! I made the house a little darker blue to better match the color of my MIL's house, and used the lighter blue for the border.

My next project is to organize all this floss that has just been sitting here in this tote. I need to put them all on floss cards and fill another box with them. I have 4 boxes and will add one more. They are all DMC with just a couple of specialty flosses. I do have many duplicates. If I'd have been organized in the first place, I wouldn't have purchased so many doubles.

Off to twirl some thread....
Happy Stitching,

Friday, August 20, 2010

Freebie Finish and a New LHN Start

First off is my finished Freebie. It is designed by Jennifer of Feathers in the Nest. Love Makes You Real. It is a quote from the Velveteen Rabbit. My little Velveteen seems to like it. It will probably become a little pillow. I did make a couple changes to make it my own. I just love it. She did a great job. She has just started designing a few little samplers. Go check out her blog.

I also started the 4th in the series of Little House Needleworks Ornament of the Month. Snowy Pines. This one is going along very fast. I am using a darker blue for the house and am using up more of my Spinach from Crescent Colors for the green. I hope to be done with this by the end of the weekend. We'll see if I can make that deadline.

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Package Has Arrived~Thank You Cindy

As I heard the dog run for the side window, full tilt, barking like mad....I knew it must be the mailman with a package. The mailman never comes to the side porch unless... A package for ME!!!!! I won Cindy's 100th blogger post a while back. I was so surprised at the size an weight of the thing. Cindy, you went a little overboard, I don't think I am worthy of all these wonderful stitchy items. In my large box, there were a dozen magazines, a beautiful butterflies kit, a Just Nan Christmas chart and charm, a Shepherd's Bush HOME Chart, An ornament tuck pillow (not shown), a booklet of smalls for cards or ornies (not shown), 4 sets of 4 fat quarters of quilting fabrics, to finish my stitching's, and 2 boxes of bits and bobs for more finishing ideas. I just love everything. I spent the hour or so of the kids nap and poured through the magazines.
Cindy, you are so generous. Thanks so much. The only thing missing was a return address.
I also spent most of the day yesterday and today and finished a freebie from Jennifer at Feathers in the Nest. I will post a pic and a link of that later.
Hope you're all having a great day.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Giveaway From Vickie

Just spent a nice week away with my family in PEI, Canada. When I got home, my prize from Vickie was in the mail. I won a giveaway at Reading and Stitching. Yeah!!!! She had packaged up some really cute charts and 27 DMC flosses. It just so happens that I don't have any of those colors!!!! There are a few cute Harvest/Halloween designs in there, and that is my favorite season to stitch. Thanks so much, Vickie. You are so generous.

I've been working very slowly on Margaret Harris and picked up a UFO and stitched a little on that. I also just started another ornament from LHN. I will post a pick after I make a little more progress.

Happy Stitching,

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Margaret Harris

I've been working very slowly on Margaret Harris. Here is where she stands right now. It is not the best picture, it looks better in person. I've run out of the dark green, so I'll need to order more. She is quite wrinkled, as I work in hand. It certainly doesn't help when it comes to the final ironing. Now, I am still having ideas about her. I will finish up the stitching that I won't change, then add my original touches. Hopefully by the time it is finished, I won't be able to call her Margaret Harris. She will need a new name.
Happy Stitching,

Monday, July 19, 2010

A Break From the Heat

I woke this morning to a temperater of 60 F. The house felt so good. A cool breeze was wafting through all the open windows, ahh what a relief. I went out early and sat on the deck with my coffee and listened to the birds. The kids were sleeping....
Now, Autumn is my favorite time of year (not that I am wanting the summer to be over), but last night as I was stitching, my mind kept wandering to pumpkins and hay bales and gourds and frosty mornings. In my minds eye, my Margaret Harris started to transform. I would love to alter this piece a bit, make it my own, and add some harvest motifs. I can see the little birds changed to crows, a little landscape with pumpkins near the house, little blades of mind was turning a bit.
My questions to you, dear stitchers....
Would this be a NO NO? Would this be an insult to the original designer? Would you alter a design to make it your own?
Thanks for stopping by,

Friday, July 16, 2010

Deb's Giveaway

Deb is having an awesome Flower Frog Giveaway!!! Go check her out.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A Finish and a New Start

Here is Red House in Winter, finished. I wanted to love this ornament so much. I broke down and bought the over dyed threads for it, (I used Spinach for the trees, a color that was supposed to be used in He's a Flake, but I hadn't purchased it for that one.) I will probably keep using Spinach for other greens in the series. I was concerned with the red not covering as well as I wanted it, but it seems to be okay. I also didn't have the right color gold, so I substituted, and I don't really like it. It is too yellow. I am going to ignore all my feelings about it and learn to love it.
I also started a project from the booklet I won from Jolene. Blackbird Designs, Margaret Harris. I substituted Vikki Clayton silks. They are not as variegated, but they are lovely. This is my first time using silk and they feel so wonderful. I think I might be hooked.
Well, I'm off to a the doctors office for Baby Sisters 2 month check up. Think I might do take out tonight and get a head start on some more stitching,....hopefully.
Happy Stitching,

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cindy's Giveaway

Another blogaversary giveaway is being held over at Cindy's, go and check this one out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Up...and It's Hot


Baby Sister woke me up early and she went back to bed. Well, that's what babies do. Now I am still up in front of the computer endlessly searching, finding freebies, perusing blogs and navigating the Hand Dyed Fibers website. I could do this all day, if the kids let me....

Did I mention It's Hot... It's only 70 F outside, but it is 86 in this house...UGH. No air conditioning. There's not much need for that up here in Northern Maine, we'll only get a couple of weeks a year of unbearably hot weather. We've got a couple of fans going in the house, but they are constantly pointed at the kids, and they are only just blowing around the hot air.

I'll get Big Sister out in the pool today, hopefully we'll have a nice breeze today. My Mother is a school teacher so she has been spending her summer off most days helping me with the kids. God Bless her. Let me tell you, I need the help. Maybe we'll go shopping today, just to get into the air conditioning.

Going to try to get a little more stitching done on my ornament. I have to frog the tops of the trees, because silly me... I was not looking at the chart (probably the TV) and kept going with the repeat until the tops. Then I noticed as I was about to add the snow. I'll update that later.

Have a great day,

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Help With a Question

Now I have been stitching for almost 20 years now, but now that I have entered blogland and have met and seen such wonderful stitchers, I would not consider myself an experience stitcher. I have been stitching the same way since I was 15, and I am just learning now, new techniques and about finishing's. I am experimenting now with different fabrics and fibers and I feel like a novice.

My question is..... if you are stitching on a 28 count linen or cotton evenweave fabric, would you use 2 plys of floss or 3 plys? I have always used 2 plys, but I sometimes don't like the coverage. I'm worried that 3 plys would make it a little harder to get nice even stitches (although, mine aren't always that even). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Right now I am working on Little House Needleworks Ornament of the Month, "Red House in Winter" and with all the dark colors and the light linen, I am not happy with the coverage of my 2 plys of floss. I have way to much finished to frog it out, so I am continuing and hoping I will like the finished product. Pictures later.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, July 2, 2010

Thank You Jolene

Look what I received today in the mail!!!! I won one of Jolene's prizes in her giveaway a couple of weeks ago. There was an opportunity to win one of four different prizes and this is what I won.
First of all, I have never stitched a Blackbird Designs, I've never owned a Blackbird Designs, and now I am the proud owner of a leaflet full of beautiful treasures. Don't know which one I will start first.
Thank you Jolene, I love it!!!!

Happy Stitching,

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Couple of Cool Pics...

from our nature walk during our vacation last week. We have a family camp down state Maine that we visit one week a year. It's our little piece of Heaven.

This is Mr. Fox, the dog from up the camp road....DOG???

And here is my little Ghost Baby. Don't know how this one came out, but I think it's cool.

No stitching done lately. During our vacation, my oldest daughter had fun on the beach, in the water, walking in the woods with her Auntie and cousins, while I spent most of the time inside with my youngest who just so happens was going through her 6 week growth spurt. Oh, well... I have another vacation coming up in August. We will be going to Prince Edward Island, we have a little camp up there. I'm sure I'll get some sun then.
Hoping to get a little stitching done tonight.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does Anyone Have Any Advice????

How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle. She absoultely hates it. I am using pumped breastmilk and have used many different types of bottles and nipples. I would love to have a little freedom from the nursing!!!! My first daughter had no problem taking a bottle and the breast. Any tips, hints, suggestions, stories....


Thursday, June 10, 2010

She's Gathering Stitches

Well, as suggested by a fellow blogger, I am going to finish the girl in the forefront, then add a row of stitches somewhere just behind her. I guess it will be like doubling a row. The border will be a little off, but I don't think it will be that noticeable. I have done a little more on the top of her dress. Now on to her face and hair. Her hair is a light brown in this design, but I'm going to try to lighten up the colors a bit, so she will be more blond. I want her to represent my first child who is very blond. Don't really know where that came from, my husband and I both have dark brown don't get any ideas.

Happy Stitching,


Saturday, June 5, 2010

One Stitch Off!!!!!!!

Well I have been stitching right along at a nice pace and as I moved to the left hand side to stitch, I came to the realization that I have an extra row on the right. Frustrated, I am putting this down for a bit until I can figure a way around this without frogging the whole top. I know it can be done, but how to go about it? Maybe I'll finish the border around the bottom and up the left side a bit just to keep this piece going tonight. Wish me luck.
Happy Stitching,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Update Pic

A couple days of stitching has added a little more to each side of the piece. I'm thinking about a rotation, just not sure how I am going to do it just yet. I don't get to stitch everyday, so a daily rotation probably won't work. I have about 5 or so projects that I am working on. I might get out another UFO for the new Lizzie Kate Lovers blog. I'll post a pic of that later.

Happy Stitching,

Monday, May 24, 2010

Update on a UFO

Here is a small update on Gathering Eggs from Mirabilia. I pulled this out of my UFO tote and decided that I needed some bright colors. I have been stitching smalls and samplers so much lately that this project is just what I need to cure the boredom I have been feeling. I have enjoyed putting these few stitches in and can't wait to keep going. We'll see how long I can last. Maybe I just need to start a rotation, AND STICK WITH IT. Hope to have some more updates later in the week. The first pic was how it looked when I picked it back up, the second pic is a couple days of stitching. Stitching time is severely limited these days with another baby in the house. I have been stitching mostly at nap time (I should be napping too...), and a little at night (I should be sleeping then too).
Hope you've all have a great day.
Happy Stitching,

One Word

The only rule is:


Not as easy as you might think…

1. Yourself: Exhausted
2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend husband: Working
3. Your hair: Wet
4. Your mother: Beautiful
5. Your dog: OCD
6. Your favourite item: Needle
7. Your dream last night: ?
8. Your favourite drink: Wine
9. Your dream car: Escalade
10. The room you are in: Living room
12. Your fear: Loneliness
13. What you want to be in 10 years: Healthy
14. Who you hung out with last night: Family
15. What you’re not: Selfish
16. Muffin: Bran
17. One of your wish list items: Threads
18. Time: Morning
19. The last thing you did: Coffee
20. What you are wearing: Shorts
21. Your favourite weather: Warm
22. Your favourite book: Les Miserables (oops 2 words)
23. The last thing you ate: Ice Cream (oops 2 words)
24. Your life: Happy
25. Your mood: Calm
26. Your best friend(S): Amazing
27. What are you thinking about right now? Children
28. Your car: Maxima
29. What are you doing at the moment?: Blogging
30. Your summer: Eventful
31. Your relationship status: Married
32. What is on your TV?: Blank
33. What is the weather like?: Cool
34. When is the last time you laughed?: Yesterday

Monday, May 17, 2010


little sister, Gretchen Mailey Towle.
Born on May 10, 2010.
7 pounds, 6 ounces. 20 inches long.
Absolutely Perfect.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Part 5 Finished

Here it is, finally. Part 5 of The Sampler Life Groups SAL, Needlemania 2. I'm over halfway done, and I just need to keep myself motivated to finish it. I am definitely not a finisher, more of a starter. I am pleased with the way this is turning out. I am still working on my Mary Wigham, and the third ornament in the Little House Needleworks series. Hopefully I'll have more pics this week.
Thanks for looking,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Plum Street Samplers New Blog and Giveaway

Here is the link to a great giveaway hosted by Plum Street Samplers. She has also started up a new blog. Go check this out.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bad Doggy!

I've read about this happening to a couple of other bloggers, but I didn't think it could ever happen to me. In a tired stupor last night, I just left my stitching on the couch and went to bed. When I woke this morning, I found my dog curled up on the couch sleeping, with a bit of linen sticking out from underneath her. Shooing her off the couch, I found Mary with a million tiny wrinkles, and some hair, UGH!! It just so happens that I took my iron over to my Mom's the other day to iron out some fabric for table cloths, so I don't have it, to try to fix this. I will pick it up at Mom's later and start ironing.

Here is a small update on my Needlemania 2, part 5. It's been a while since I worked on this one and I'm about half way through, so I can't give up now.
Lastly, is another small update on my Little House Needleworks Ornament of the Month 3, He's a Flake. I gave up on this one a week ago and need to pick it up and just finish it. It is so small, it shouldn't take long.


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