Friday, September 3, 2010

New Look, New Schedule

Well, I've changed the look of my blog today, although it has been Sunny and in the mid 90's all week. We're getting a break from all of that, from today on out. It's been raining all night and I'm sure we'll get a little wind and more rain from Earl. I just love the colors of Fall. It is my favorite season. I've been itching to do a little Harvest stitching. Something small that I might actually finish this year.
Does anyone have any suggestions on a cute little Fall Design that I could find and stitch?
I just got my new LHN ornie in the mail yesterday from 123 Stitch, Merry Skater. I will be doing this one for my Niece, she is a fantastic figure skater. I started a little on her last night, and plan on doing a bit more today if I get the chance to do any stitching.
I just registered for Fall classes at the college. I might actually graduate this winter, if not then, next spring. I have to finish a Practicum and it all depends on that. Needless to say, I am going to be very busy with 2 little girls, 1 on site class, 1 on-line class and 135 hours of field work to accomplish this semester. Don't know if there will be enough time for stitching. I'll work some in, I'm sure.

I'll try to post my small start on Merry Skater later.

Happy Stitching,


  1. I like the new look Hillery! I don't have any suggestions for a fall design as Christmas is my thing! Good luck with your busy fall.

  2. A quick fall suggestion is autumn nap by waxing moon. I did it last year on black and I think it's a really cute pattern. Good luck with your schooling!

  3. There are so many autumn freebies available. Here are a few I like.
    From With Thy Needle and Thread (Brenda Gervais):
    By Erica Michaels:

  4. Good for you! What are you taking? I looked at the closest college to see their class list but nothing there that really interested me :o(

  5. Love the new look and I agree with the change in the weather - it feels much better although this week was scorching down where I am. Looking forward to seeing your ornie.

  6. A nice new look of your blog. I love fall, too, particularly fall colours.
    Diane gave you some great links to fall freebies. I looked them up, too, and disovered some new-to-me too.



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