Monday, July 19, 2010

A Break From the Heat

I woke this morning to a temperater of 60 F. The house felt so good. A cool breeze was wafting through all the open windows, ahh what a relief. I went out early and sat on the deck with my coffee and listened to the birds. The kids were sleeping....
Now, Autumn is my favorite time of year (not that I am wanting the summer to be over), but last night as I was stitching, my mind kept wandering to pumpkins and hay bales and gourds and frosty mornings. In my minds eye, my Margaret Harris started to transform. I would love to alter this piece a bit, make it my own, and add some harvest motifs. I can see the little birds changed to crows, a little landscape with pumpkins near the house, little blades of mind was turning a bit.
My questions to you, dear stitchers....
Would this be a NO NO? Would this be an insult to the original designer? Would you alter a design to make it your own?
Thanks for stopping by,


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