Monday, July 19, 2010

A Break From the Heat

I woke this morning to a temperater of 60 F. The house felt so good. A cool breeze was wafting through all the open windows, ahh what a relief. I went out early and sat on the deck with my coffee and listened to the birds. The kids were sleeping....
Now, Autumn is my favorite time of year (not that I am wanting the summer to be over), but last night as I was stitching, my mind kept wandering to pumpkins and hay bales and gourds and frosty mornings. In my minds eye, my Margaret Harris started to transform. I would love to alter this piece a bit, make it my own, and add some harvest motifs. I can see the little birds changed to crows, a little landscape with pumpkins near the house, little blades of mind was turning a bit.
My questions to you, dear stitchers....
Would this be a NO NO? Would this be an insult to the original designer? Would you alter a design to make it your own?
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  1. By all means, yes, Hillery, most designers invite you to make a piece your own. It's actually a compliment to them so make all the changes you want. A long time ago in the stitching world, we were discouraged to do so, but not now. Will enjoy seeing your changes.

  2. I think the BBD ladies are very encouraging of making their designs your own and even show stitchy projects people have personalized on their blogs. Go for it!I think you have great ideas!

  3. There are some designers who get very offended when you make changes to their designs......even for something so little as a fabric or thread color change. Then there are others who love it when you make the piece "your own".

    IMHO, Barb and Alma would love to see how their design has sparked your imagination. I don't know if you read Alma's Blog, but there are many pictures of how people have made changes and made the design "their own".

    I say go for it! I can't wait to see what you do.

  4. I say GO FOR IT, with the changes. A friend once told me...once you buy the pattern, it is YOURS to do with as you please. If you want to change something on it, go for it!
    And I love your header picture....may I ask, what kind of dog is that??? I love it!!

  5. I see a pattern as a jumping off point. I take the elements I like, delete the ones I don't, move around what's left, and change colors and fabric counts to suit my own tastes. I have been doing it that way for 30+ years. I don't "do" reproduction stitching. It's rare that I stitch something exactly as the designer did (or had model stitched), whether it's by choice or because I have issues with (mis)reading the chart and/or (mis)counting. ;) I also can't wait forever for that exact fabric, in that exact color, and overdyed threads vary so much that even if I do buy the colors, they are rarely even close in color to the original. If a designer doesn't like to see their designs changed, they're way too sensitive, in my opinion.

    I'm pretty sure the BBD ladies will welcome your tweaks, as Alma recently posted an unfinshed piece on her blog that Barb is working on that incorporates a freebie from The Workbasket with Barb's personal touches all around it. They also held a contest a while back with a freebie chart with the instructions to "include a bird" in the final piece. As I recall, there was no bird on the original chart. So, change away!

  6. Oh, definitely add some personal touches, Hillery. I just love this piece and can't wait to see yours all stitched up :)

  7. The whole point of our stitching is that it's a creative outlet. I think it's perfectly fine for you to change things.

  8. What a lovely piece Hillery and I can almost see what you are trying to describe :o) I say by all means do it! To me it means more when you personalize it.

  9. I'd say the same as the other commenters. Change whatever you feel like changing and make the piece your own. And I'm absolutely sure that the BBD ladies will appreciate it.

  10. I agree, too. There would be those who don't like changes made, but I'd say most don't mind.

  11. I usually make tiny changes and make the design my own. Hillery you won the giveaway at my blog. I need your mailing address so I can send out your package. Couldn't find your email address on your blog.



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