Monday, July 12, 2010

A Finish and a New Start

Here is Red House in Winter, finished. I wanted to love this ornament so much. I broke down and bought the over dyed threads for it, (I used Spinach for the trees, a color that was supposed to be used in He's a Flake, but I hadn't purchased it for that one.) I will probably keep using Spinach for other greens in the series. I was concerned with the red not covering as well as I wanted it, but it seems to be okay. I also didn't have the right color gold, so I substituted, and I don't really like it. It is too yellow. I am going to ignore all my feelings about it and learn to love it.
I also started a project from the booklet I won from Jolene. Blackbird Designs, Margaret Harris. I substituted Vikki Clayton silks. They are not as variegated, but they are lovely. This is my first time using silk and they feel so wonderful. I think I might be hooked.
Well, I'm off to a the doctors office for Baby Sisters 2 month check up. Think I might do take out tonight and get a head start on some more stitching,....hopefully.
Happy Stitching,


  1. I think your Red House in Winter looks great! wonderful start on Margaret Harris as well. Hope you get that stitching time for yourself later! lol

  2. YAY! HD for you :o) I think you're over thinking this. It looks wonderful and even the yellow blends well.

    This is a gorgeous project and the HDF silks will be so nice to work with!

  3. I think Red House looks great! DMC has a great varigated green colour in their Color Variations line that I use a lot when I don't want to use my precious overdyed floss!

    I love BBD and the sampler you're working on is going to be gorgeous!

  4. A beautiful piece to start Hillery! happy stitching!

  5. Your Red House looks just perfect, Hillery--I really like that shade of yellow for the door. And what a fun new piece--can't wait to see it in progress :)

  6. A great finish and a wonderful new start! I really like the colors from Vicki - did they come as a set?

  7. Great finish! I love all your colors - they look perfect to me.

  8. Your Red House looks so pretty, with all the colours you chose. Congratulations on finishing it. And congratulations on your new start. It's a lovely project, too.

  9. I'm loving your sweet red house and I think the yellow door is fabulous! Ahhh, the snowflakes would feel so good about has been in the high 90's lately, way too hot for this fair skinned girl! Your version of Margaret Harris is going to look stunning in those beautiful silks. Enjoy the journey. Smiles...



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