Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm Up...and It's Hot


Baby Sister woke me up early and she went back to bed. Well, that's what babies do. Now I am still up in front of the computer endlessly searching, finding freebies, perusing blogs and navigating the Hand Dyed Fibers website. I could do this all day, if the kids let me....

Did I mention It's Hot... It's only 70 F outside, but it is 86 in this house...UGH. No air conditioning. There's not much need for that up here in Northern Maine, we'll only get a couple of weeks a year of unbearably hot weather. We've got a couple of fans going in the house, but they are constantly pointed at the kids, and they are only just blowing around the hot air.

I'll get Big Sister out in the pool today, hopefully we'll have a nice breeze today. My Mother is a school teacher so she has been spending her summer off most days helping me with the kids. God Bless her. Let me tell you, I need the help. Maybe we'll go shopping today, just to get into the air conditioning.

Going to try to get a little more stitching done on my ornament. I have to frog the tops of the trees, because silly me... I was not looking at the chart (probably the TV) and kept going with the repeat until the tops. Then I noticed as I was about to add the snow. I'll update that later.

Have a great day,


  1. I hear you! Another HOT and HUMID day here again with no relief in sight :o(

  2. Oh, I can't imagine no AC in this heat, Hillery! I hope the cooler air that we got in the Pittsburgh area today makes its way up to northern Maine very soon!! You are so very lucky to have your mom nearby to help out with the kids :)

  3. You're so lucky that it's not too too hot up there. Bummer about no ac though. Did you ever figure out the bottle thing with your new baby (who is adorable btw!)? Both of mine hated the bottle. With our second we gave up trying really really early on. lol!



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