Friday, September 10, 2010

Merry Skater

Here is my start on Little House Needleworks Merry Skater. I am using an opalescent Lugana that I never thought I would use and I think it's perfect for this. She is coming along quickly, and I might get her done this weekend, if I'm not studying, which is what I really should be doing. This ornament will be going to my Niece, who is an extraordinary figure skater. I saw the companion piece in the JCS Ornament issue, I might just do him too for my other niece. Maybe I'll turn him into a girl...

I have also been working on Margaret Harris, but it's slow going. I will get a pic of that soon. I am also eyeing Prairie Birds Ornaments from Prairie Schooler. I might just have to start something else.

Off to give the kids a bath. I can't wait till they can bathe together, just to eliminate a step.

Have a great night,



  1. Oh, I love that fabric!! She is a quick stitch, so you can get back to studying. :)

  2. Very pretty fabric, I love the sparkle!

  3. Wonderful start on Merry Skater, the opalescence gives the impression of ice, so it was a nice choice. I am also working on this one and am a few rows behind you.

    Hoping to pick up a copy of the JCS Ornament issue tomorrow, can't wait to see Merry's companion.

    Love your new header photo - what a cutie!
    Is it already cold enough for that vest? We are still in the mid to upper 90s, guess I'll just have to keep thinking cool thoughts.

  4. Great start - almost done! Love that fabric with it - it's perfect!

  5. Love it! Especially on the opal fabric :o)

    Ahhhhh! I can't wait to get my JCS in the mail so I know what everyone is talking about!!!!

  6. Nice stitching, the fabric is very nice.



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