Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Won!!!

I won the First Runner Up Prize on Dixie Samplar Designs Blog!!! If this was the first runner up prize, I can't imagine what the Grand Prize winner won. This was just too generous. The small box was so heavy when I picked it up, and to my surprise there was a horde of amazing items inside. First of all I just have to thank Terri so much, I don't think I deserve even half of it. There are some great fabrics and some yummy threads, a pile of fantastic charts. I can see myself stitching most of them. A cute little handmade fall ornament or scissor fob. (It is already on my scissors), some Halloween goodies, Candy that is already in my tummy (never made it to the picture), and other little items.
Thanks to Terri again,
Please sign up for my Thanksgiveaway if you already haven't, it will be my turn soon to make someone's day.


  1. Wow oh wow! Looks like you had an awesome mail week too ;o) Congrats Hillery!

  2. ooo what a lovely package. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations - I think you do deserve it !!!!



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