Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Does Anyone Have Any Advice????

How can I get my breastfed baby to take a bottle. She absoultely hates it. I am using pumped breastmilk and have used many different types of bottles and nipples. I would love to have a little freedom from the nursing!!!! My first daughter had no problem taking a bottle and the breast. Any tips, hints, suggestions, stories....



  1. I don't have any advice unfortunately. My first child wouldn't take a bottle either. We were joined at the hip :) until she would drink out of a sippy cup. Good luck!

    I think I remember reading loooong ago to have someone other than you try to give the baby a bottle.

  2. No help from me - my son went from breast to cup - wouldn't have a bottle nipple of any kind.

  3. Like Charlene'son, my son went straight to a
    sippy cup! No bottles for him. Let us know how this one turns out...!



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