Monday, December 6, 2010

What a Great Day

This is how my morning started....Pilsbury and a coffee. Yum. I usually don't go for sweets in the morning, but it was just so easy.
This afternoon, the postman brought me not one, not two, but three parcels. Can you just imagine my excitement!!!
First up, my purchase from Victorian Sampler Motto. 4 yummy autumn hand dyed cottons. 20 yards each!!! You have to try these.

My win from Jennifer from Confessions a Serial Starter. She purchased two of these charts and I won one!!! Lucky me!!! It is charted for one color of your choice, but Jennifer has found one with several colors that gives me some inspiration.
Thank you so much Jennifer, this is one that I will stitch. I love it, and the floss is to dye for. HEE HEE.

I received my order from ABC Stitch. I won a $100 gift certificate from Natalie from A Stitch in Time. I am so excited, I am still waiting on a couple of threads and a chart, but this is just amazing. Thank you so much Natalie. I picked up this cute chart of birds that I decided to brighten up a bit. I will use this turquoise fabric and brighten up the threads for the birds. I just thought these little birds were so interesting. The threads are over-dyeds from Carries Creations. I hadn't tried her threads yet, and they were very economical.
Well, as you can see I had a wonderful afternoon, fondling my new stash, the only problem is I just don't have any time to put needle to thread until after this semester ends.
Soon, very soon....
Thanks for stopping by,


  1. It is so much fun when the doorbell rings and there is a package! Your packages are lovely.

  2. Wow, good day indeed! Lots of wonderful things...look at all those overdyeds! Have fun with your new stash.

  3. Sounds like a perfect day to me! I hope you find time to settle in and enjoy... :)

  4. What great new stash!!! Can't wait to see some stitching....

  5. WOW, you DID have a good mail day! I just got some Victorian Sampler Motto fibers myself but have not used them yet. Love the colors you got.

    What an order from ABC! Have fun going through all your goodies :o)

  6. Oh dear - I don't know how you have maintained through all this excitement - I would have to be sedated :)

    You must tell me the designer of the Noel 2009 - that chart is a must have - I can't wait to see your finish :)

  7. Wonderful new stash! The fibers are all beautiful.

  8. Stash heaven! Have fun and enjoy your new goodies.

  9. Oh Hillery, a day with three parcels can only be a good day, lol. And so much new thread is just an event. Now you can roll in it, lol. Enjoy everything!

  10. Look at all the gorgeous threads!! I love getting new fibers more than anything! Have fun! :)

  11. Indeed a great day! Enjoy all your new stash.

  12. Hey Hillery!! I found you from the up 4 a challenge blog that we are both participating in... i cant wait to get some of these wips done!!! And, I see you have bought some of the Victorian Motto will LOVE them!! I use them all the time...

    Now, I need some of your luck on my side in all these giveaways you have been winning...way to go!! You have quite a stash there!!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and welcome you to visit my blog also...Take care,


  13. Thank you so much for your lovely give-a-way. It honestly couldn't have come at a better time! Bless your heart! A separate thank you is on it's way. bu tI just wanted to say thank you and let you know how blessed I was!!! :)



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