Saturday, January 1, 2011


Well, it's the New Year and I'm in need of some purging, and totally revamping my life. Well, baby steps anyway. I've decided I am going to scrap this blog and start fresh. Have any of you done this before? It's not that I really want to forget or get rid of my accomplishments over this past year of blogging, but I NEED A CHANGE. I'm even thinking of cutting my!!! This blog has been dedicated to my love of cross stitch, but I love many more things and that will be the focus of my NEW BLOG. I haven't been one to delve to deeply into my life, my family or my home, that will change too in the NEW BLOG.

Well, I'm not going to ramble on much more, so if you wish to join my on my new journey, please visit me HERE.

Signing off,

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