Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another Finish and a WIP

Latte 28 Count Linen
DMC Threads, White, 822, 304, 3323, 613
Here is part 4 of Needlemania 2. I've been stitching this one on my lunch breaks at work, it has taken a lot longer than the first 3, but I've gotten some other stitching done. It has been working out great. Before I used to just stitch on one item forever and I would get so sick of it, now I think working on about 4 WIP's is perfect for me.

Permin Lambswool 32 Count Linen
DMC Threads
This is my third finish of the year. Pear Tree ornament from LHN. I still have beads that need to be put on and the finishing of the ornament will be done with the others sometime later in the year. I've ordered the next ornament in the series, and it should be here at the beginning of next week. I can't wait to get started.
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  1. Love your LHN Pear Tree finish :) THe wip is beautiful!

  2. Needlemania looks great, and so does Pear Tree! I'm STILL waiting for my Pear Tree to show up... :(

  3. Needlemania 2 is beautiful. Love the colours you have chosen and congratulations on finishing Pear Tree.

  4. Your Pear tree is very pretty. Keep up the quick stitching coz your hands are soon to be busy in another way.
    Be always in stitches.

  5. ooo I am envious...I set aside today to do my pear tree only to be foiled by a lab with a tummy bug. Yours looks great though..well done!

  6. Your current wip is really beautiful! Congrats on such a sweet ornie finish!

  7. Great pieces Hillery! I think you're trying to keep up with me in the ornament department ;o)



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